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We heard his music, and we thought this kid has what it takes to be big. He is coming up fast as well. His IG and Twitter seem to be growing every day. His fans are organically growing, and his support is defiantly there. We been around the block a few times, so we know who's getting fake followers and who's not and T.Y.Preston is one of those rappers people are just naturally attracted to. I see him getting a record deal from one of the major labels in just a few short years. Interscope Records should think about signing him now while they still have the chance. Universal or Sony can also be the labels to give him is international shot, one thing for sure he is defiantly mainstream material.

Follow him @typpreston on IG and twitter.

His vibe and his style are a match made in Hip Hop heaven!

Check out all his singles on Youtube and Spotify.

  • No Longer

  • Different Time

  • Understand

  • Knucklehead

T.Y. Preston


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